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Medical Transcription Solution Highlights

- 15 minutes activation; no equipment needed; 24/7/365 availability
- Simple to use web interfaces with the optional application access
- Extensive reports, generating data in real time
- Secured access to data; no anonymous access is allowed
- Easy-to-understand pricing structures; the most competitive plans in the industry
- No limits on number of clients, speakers, vendors, users, audio files or documents
- No hidden costs, no start-up fees and no long term commitments

Dial-in Dictations
- We provide toll free 800 number for your client's dial-in dictations
- Several dialplans to choose from are provided too
- No limits on number of simultaneous dial-in dictations
- Automatic "active packet loss prevention module"

Technologies Involved
- Automatic creation of unlimited FTP accounts for clients and vendors
- Automatic download of audio or upload of documents via SSH, SFTP, FTP SSL, etc
- Automatic audio conversions (VOC to MP3, WAV to MP3, etc)
- Automatic faxing: inbound (patient schedules) and outbound (documents)
- Automatic upload of transcribed document to/from EMR via HL7

Increased Productivity
- Support for templates (normals)
- Support for STATs (audio files that require a fast turnaround)
- Support for Medicare-compliant electronic signatures
- Extensive logging - we keep every version of audio and document
- Windows-based plugins for uploading of audio and downloading/printing documents
- Windows-based plugins for creating/editing documents and audio playback
- Microsoft Word plugin that updates your document within our platform via click of a button
- Automatic calculations of lines (net, gross, black and normalized) for every document
- Automatic invoicing of clients and verifying vendor line counts

Please allow me to congratulate your company and thank you for all the help you have afforded me. Your response to my problems has been truly outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

Felix A Evangelist, MD