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Automated Call Solution Inbound Plans

Some of the most popular plans:

Dial plan Dictations is your standard IVR system, when caller dials toll-free number and dictates audio (patient charts, letters) with the ability to rewind audio, fast-forward, truncate, save, replay, etc.

Dial plan Information Retrieval asks your caller to enter his/her ID to listen to any information associated with his/her account, such as outstanding account balance or lab test results.

Dial plan Prescreening connects your caller to the right department with the ability to leave a voice mail in case the call was made after hours.

Dial plan Conferencing allows you to have any number of conference rooms with the ability to record the conference call.

Remember, you have an option to select ANY number of dialplans, even simultaneously! And, you can also modify any dialplan according to YOUR needs.

The platform is easy to use and allows for a great increase in productivity. Editing is faster, and document movement and delivery is far easier. The calling solution can be handled by even the computer illiterate.

Russell Radovich
686 Medical