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Speech Recognition Highlights

- Our ASR (automatic speech recognition) engines convert audio to text on-the-fly
- Our ASR engines are very accurate and tuned for voice mails and general contents
- Our ASR engines will automatically detect language (English and Spanish are supported)
- Our ASR engines are speaker independent - no training is required
- Our ASR engines are capable of transcribing almost any audio or video format

- Upload your audio via email, FTP, FTP SSL, SFTP or SCH
- Your audio files will be instantly picked up by our scanners and automatically transcribed
- Get transcribed text back via email, SMS (text), FTP, FTP SSL, SFTP or SCH
- We can also email and/or SMS the transcribed text using our HIPAA-compliant solution
- Instant activation; 24/7/365 availability
- Simple and quick set-up; Simple to use web interface (with the optional API access)
- Simplest pricing structure - you pay per transcribed audio minute
- No hidden costs, no start-up fees and no long term commitments

Please allow me to congratulate your company and thank you for all the help you have afforded me. Your response to my problems has been truly outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

Felix A Evangelist, MD